About the Artist

Shirley Albrecht Shenk's expertise in design is equaled by exceptional skills in color coordination. These two talents, when combined with exquisite workmanship, serve as the foundation for Shirley's artistry.

Shirley grew up in Morton, Illinois. Her mother, sister and both grandmothers were quilters. In keeping with her frugal Mennonite heritage, Shirley's first quilt began with a three-yard piece of leftover fabric, which "simply couldn't be discarded!" She and her husband, Dave Shenk, began Quilt Designs in the basement of their Elkhart, Indiana, home in 1981, selling quilts in standard designs. Shirley quickly tired of traditional block designs, preferring the medallion style, which features a focal point and progressive framing borders. She completed her first original in 1983; it represented the springboard for her current repertoire of more than 70 original-design quilts and wall hangings. Throughout 30 years of business, Shirley's work has been accepted in many of the most prestigious juried art shows, including the Baltimore Craft Exposition and Houston's International Quilt Festival.

Recently Kris A. Shenk, Shirley's daughter-in-law, joined Quilt Designs as an artist and has begun creating original designs of her own. Kris has a degree in art and interior design and worked as a design assistant for three years at Closson's Interior Design in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now back in her home area of Goshen, Indiana, she finds fiber art to be a natural extension of her talent.

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Photographs provided by: Ron Adams of Starr Photography, Vincent Pierri and Kris Shenk.