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Contemporary or traditional … asymmetrical or symmetrical … muted and understated or bold and vibrant. These are some of the choices you will contemplate as you work with Shirley A. Shenk to create the color palette for your own custom quilt. Prospective clients typically bring samples of their wall color, carpet or upholstery. Shirley then uses these samples to create a complementary color palette for the custom quilt. Most quilts take seven to eleven months to complete, although several of the most complex originals may take more than a year. We thank you in advance for your patience in this regard.

Intricate appliqué, small pieces and elaborate hand quilting are trademarks of Shirley's designs. Many quilts have more than 2,000 pieces and over 1,000 yards of hand quilting. All fabrics are 100% cotton and are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage or color run. Each quilt is signed and dated, thereby giving credit to the piecer and quilter, as well as Shirley, the designer. Many families who custom-order a quilt also choose to have their quilt personalized with a family name or special date commemorating a wedding, anniversary or graduation. These are the quilts that become family heirlooms, handed down from generation to generation.

We price our quilts and wall hangings based upon size, difficulty, originality, intricacy of piecing and appliqué, and amount of hand quilting.

All original work is copyright protected and may not be reproduced in any way without written permission of the artist.

King Size

Crown of Diamonds--aquas, cream; original design copyright S.A.S 105"x105" $1695

Crown of Diamonds--detail

Lancaster Rose Medallion--blues, purples; original design copyright S.A.S. 110"x110" $2275 SOLD

Lancaster Rose Medallion - detail

Celtic Thistle--golds, greens, rusts; original design copyright S.A.S. 110"x110" $5950 SOLD

Celtic Thistle--detail

Winter Silhouette--greens, golds, reds; original design copyright K.A.S. 112"x112" $4975 SOLD

Winter Silhouette--detail

Pyramids--soft greens, golds, blues (hand-painted fabrics); original design copyright S.A.S. 110"x110" $2275


Crescent Applique--blues, yellows; original design copyright S.A.S. 110"x110" $2275 SOLD

Crescent Applique--detail

Miles III Contemporary--greens, golds; original design copyright S.A.S. 108"x108" $2275 SOLD

Miles III Contemporary--detail

Tessellations--golds, greens, reds; original design copyright S.A.S. 109"x109" $3875 SOLD


Ocean Waves Contemporary--original design copyright S.A.S. 110"x110" $2275 SOLD

Ocean Waves Contemporary--detail

Log Cabin with Open Squares--blues, teals with hand-painted fabrics; original variation by S.A.S. 113"x113" $1495 SOLD

Log Cabin with Open Squares--detail

Rainbow Medallion--golds, rusts, greens; original design copyright S.A.S. 110"x110" $4850 SOLD

Rainbow Medallion--detail

Feathered Hearts--neutrals; original design copyright S.A.S. 110"x110" $4950 SOLD

Feathered Hearts--detail

Lady Slipper--blacks, greens, golds; original design copyright S.A.S. 111"x111" $4950 SOLD

Lady Slipper--detail

Bluebonnet Montage--browns, blues; original design copyright S.A.S. 112"x112" $5650 SOLD

Blue Bonnet Montage--detail

Whig Rose Medallion--blues, cream; original design copyright S.A.S. 108"x108" $2375 SOLD

Whig Rose Medallion--detail

Legacy--neutrals; original design copyright K.A.S. 110"x110" $2975 SOLD


Quiescence--greens, rusts; original design copyright K.A.S. 109"x109" $5350 SOLD


Dutch Design--soft blues; 111"x111" $1295 SOLD

Dutch Design--detail

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