Our Showroom

The Quilt Designs showroom is located in an 1837 two-story log cabin. The structure originally stood along County Road 46 southwest of Goshen, Indiana, and was the homestead for a pioneering family of 13. In 1986 the cabin was dismantled and each log labeled. It was then reconstructed at its current site on the grounds of Goshen's Old Bag Factory, a collection of producing artists and specialty shops.

Dave Shenk, husband of designer Shirley A. Shenk, can often be found in the showroom gallery introducing visitors not only to the fiber art but also to the work of other artists. Embellished handbags, burl vases and small decorative tables, along with intricately carved brooms and walking sticks are illustrative of the three-dimensional artwork represented. Other quilt-related items – such as cards, calendars and jewelry – also are available. We have opted not to sell any patterns, fabrics or quilting supplies but will be happy to direct you to other shops in our area that specialize in these items. The primary feature of the log cabin gallery is the quilt collection. Typically more than 75 original-design quilts and wall hangings are available for immediate purchase. Many clients, however, choose a short-term or long-term time-payment plan that is set up with no additional fees or interest.

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Photographs provided by: Ron Adams of Starr Photography, Vincent Pierri and Kris Shenk.