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Notes from Our Customers

During the past 30 years fiber artist Shirley A. Shenk has designed quilts for families in more than 40 countries and in all 50 states. The Shenks have kept a collection of hundreds of thank-you notes from clients worldwide. The following are excerpts from a sampling of these unsolicited responses:

Rainbow MedallionDear Shirley,
We received our custom-made quilt and dust ruffle on Monday, and we absolutely love them both! The quilt is so beautiful. We are especially pleased because we were involved in helping create a design unique to our own expression. It is exactly what we envisioned, so the hours of designing were definitely worth the effort. We can really see all of the intricate detail work and the high quality that you put into our quilt. We are planning a "quilt warming" party to display it among our friends.

Thank you again for creating our special quilt. We know it will be our family heirloom.

Paul and Tamela
(Dearborn, Michigan)

OrielDear Shirley and Dave,
Our 25th wedding anniversary has come and gone but it is with us every day in "Feathered Hearts." We are thrilled with the long-awaited quilt. Some folks take a trip or throw a big party; we preferred gifting ourselves with one of your beautiful designs!

Everything about it is perfect: the fabrics, the workmanship, the fit, the overall effect. Thank you so much and we hope to see you again before too long.

Alida and John
(Barrington, Illinois)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shenk:
Words can never express how pleased I am with the quilt you made for me. It is just superb, is all I can say. The measurements are perfect, and the workmanship is so very outstanding. The colours in the quilt match so well the other patterns in my room. The three pillows you made also worked out very nicely. They really add to the entire setting and again such wonderful workmanship.

I will be retiring as a professor in June, and then I'll be full time as a decorator here in Vienna. I hope that I can pass on some customers to you as a result of the work you have done for me. Again, many, many thanks a bit of Indiana and the USA is here in my Viennese apartment, and it all blends in so well. It is just living proof that styles and periods can be put together when one knows a little about colour and style.

Very gratefully,
(Vienna, Austria)

PyramidsDear Shirley and Dave,
The quilt and dust ruffle arrived yesterday. Lois couldn't wait. And on the bed they went. I feel like Prince Charles sleeping in such an elegant bed. They look beautiful together, and I think I'm going to start charging admission to everyone Lois takes in to show it off to could buy another quilt in no time at all!!

Hope to see you sometime this summer and bring our friends.

(Greenville, Ohio)

P.S. I make sure everyone sees the personalized family name quilted
into the corner of our quilt.

Miles II ContemporaryDear Dave and Shirley,
Already one month has passed since my cousin Rita and I visited with you. I cannot thank you enough for the gracious hospitality we experienced during our visit. My cousin never stopped talking about "Quilt Designs" during the rest of our trip. Rita now knows why I say, "These quilts are different wait until you see the place."

My newest addition, "Indiana Interlock," is doing well in its new home. I took it to work and once again my co-workers were amazed at the artistry, design and colors.

Here's another deposit toward "Egress." These quilt payments are so much more fun than car payments!

As always,
(Clinton Township, Michigan)

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